Below is the list of Federal Government circulars on public procurement. Click on the Links to download

Circular on 2015 Procurement Plan - 11th December, 2014

Circular on Contractor Registration - 11th December, 2014

Posting Circular - Grade Level 13 - (16th June 2014)

Posting Circular Grade Levels 07-10 - (13th June 2014)

Posting Circular Grade Levels 12-16 - (13th June 2014)

Posting Circular Grade Levels 16-17 - (4th April 2014)

Submission of Procurement Records for 2013 Financial Year Procurement Plans for 2014 and Commencement of Activities for 2014 - 13th January 2014

Use of Standard Bidding Documents and adoption of its General Conditions of Contract and Specific Conditions of Contract in Contract Agreement - 13th January 2014

Implementation of Approved Revised Threshold for Service wide Application and Federal Ministry of Petroleum and the Composition of Tenders Board - 11th Marc 2009

Implementation of the Revised Procurement Threshold as it affects Parastatals - 3rd June 2009

Implementation of the Revised Procurement Threshold Regarding Projects with Variations - 25th August 2009

Compliance with the provisions of ITF Act - 4th October 2011

Requirement for the completion of final designs before contract award for construction projects - 7th April 2008

Additional Responsive Criterion and Prescribed Threshold for Procurements that require submission of Bid Security - 10th July 2012

Compliance with the principle of Due Process by MDAs - 6th December 2007

Establishment of Procurement Cadre in the Fderal Civil Service 1 - 31st March 2008

Establishment of the Procurement Cadre in the Federal Civil Service 2 - 9th June 2008

Guidelines for the Execution of Federal Government Projects by State Governments and Re-imbursement of Expenditure - 29th July 2010

Re Additional requirement for Due Process Certifications for procurements requiring FEC Approval - 5th October 2011

Re-affirming the Reporting Order with respect to the Procurement Process - 13th February 2012

Procurement Audit of Projects within the approval threshold of MDAs - 6th January 2012

Implementation of Approved Prior Review Threshold for Procurement of Goods Works and Services for Service-wide Application - 14th January 2016